Vimet goal is to provide innovative, high quality and price competitive products. Vimet continues to build successful ventures with market leaders, as well as with regional private companies. Our expertise, experience and strengths ensure that we continue offering our clients/partners inspiring prospects. Vimet is a global trading company with diverse interests and capabilities.

Effective trade

Our business principles have always guided our actions. The interests of our clients are at the centre of our strategies and decisions. We share their expectations for quality, and we deal with them with fairness and respect.



The most important single factor in corporate success is the commitment to our colleagues, customers, and partners.

Our business

Vimet business activities facilitate better synergy and efficiency along the service value chain – from initial designs to sales and logistics.

“Made in Italy”

“Made in Italy” is much more than an indication of geographical origin. It’s a set of values recognized worldwide, including quality, leadership in design, innovation and environmental sustainability.


Vimet represents a portfolio of the very best Italian furniture. Our goal is to offer the finest quality while delighting our customers with new and exciting furniture designs.

“Art de Vivre”

The mission of the Vimet is to represent the most refined qualities of Western “Art de Vivre” around the world. Our products, and the cultural values they embody, blend tradition and innovation and kindle dream and fantasy.


What We do

Today’s industry trends urge consumer companies to think differently about their solution landscape, yet many operate without a clear line of sight across their global sales and marketing functions. Our Solutions for Consumer Goods helps empower CG sales and marketing teams and supports different routes to market, sales and delivery models and geographies.



Digital is creating sizeable challenges and opportunities for CG companies.

Its disruptive power means businesses must understand how it impacts and reshapes every value chain stage, from consumers to the enterprise itself.

Technology is enabling people to think, work and create value in entirely new ways. For CG businesses whose traditional focus has been on manufacturing and distribution, the digitally-driven transformation to a People First approach is nothing short of a seismic shift, fundamentally changing how they engage with their customers, suppliers and other stakeholders.

Scale is no longer sufficient to protect large CG businesses from the impact of smaller, nimble players that can harness digital platforms and tools to gain market share and disrupt traditional leaders’ dominance quickly.

Our vision is to develop new digital strategies that can turn CG businesses from disrupted into disruptors.


Contact Us

Contact Us

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