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Vimet Ltd since 1997 Enabling Growth


Vimet Ltd goal is to create wealth-generating opportunities for its shareholders, clients/partners, and employees by seeking out and taking advantage of the most promising investment prospects that were previously unavailable to the individual investor.Our group is a global investment and trading company with diverse interests and capabilities.


Across the continents we provide innovative, high quality and price competitive products.Vimet Ltd continues to build successful ventures with market leaders, as well as with regional private companies. Our expertise, experience and strengths ensure that we are well placed to continue offering our partners very exciting prospects.


Our business principles have always guided our actions. The interests of our partners, investors and stakeholders are at the center of our strategies and decisions. We share their expectations for excellent return on their investments and we deal with them with fairness and respect.From a broad spectrum of consumer, industrial, beverage and luxury products, Vimet Ltd is responsible for bringing unparalleled quality to the regional markets, adapting to the rapidly changing business landscape.


Our values


In Vimet Ltd we value the trust of our clients in our products and services and we acknowledge their interest in the values and actions of the company. Our global client list grows every day in testimony to the quality and performance integrity of our products. Our product and service offering is complemented by a dedicated customer care and service. Our management has been involved in both physical and future trading of commodities for more than 20 years and trough our experience we are constantly strive to delight our collaborators.

Endless possibilities

Trough the experience gained providing consulting for major clients has specialized in advising the various organizations or support them in their Business Process. Trough this experience we can provide quality services or consulting and delivery value to our clients.


In Vimet Ltd we think global and act in partnership: Vimet Ltd fulfills your customized requirements around the world. Whether in America, Asia or Europe - we formulate professional solutions and assist you throughout the realization of your project. We are active in partnership around the world.

Global Network

Vimet Ltd supports commodity producers and with our global network of relationships with producers and consumers, we offer market access and liquidity to source or sell. This global insight along with our complete supply chain involvement enables us to stay on top of the constantly changing market.

Our business

Vimet Ltd business activities are grouped into three strategic business units, facilitating better synergy and efficiency along the service value chain – from sales and services to logistical infrastructure and marketing:

Arrogant Frog


Vimet Ltd  is representing a portfolio of South France best known vineyards and vintages. Domaines Paul Mas is considered the  flagship of the Sud de France brand, the wines express all the richness and diversity of the region. Our goal is to approach wine lovers in a very distinctive way and offer proposals for a rich and enjoyable life, products and services with the unique value that only Vimet Ltd can bring.We have always looking for the finest wines and delivering quality products ,moreover, the quality of the wines coming out from Domaines Paul Mas has been recognized in contests  with more than 400 medals in the past 2 years.

Vimet Ltd Luxury


The mission of the Vimet Group is to represent the most refined qualities of Western “Art de Vivre” around the world. Vimet Group must continue to be synonymous with both elegance and creativity. Our products, and the cultural values they embody, blend tradition and innovation, and kindle dream and fantasy.In view of this mission, five priorities reflect the fundamental values shared by all Group stakeholders.

Vimet Ltd Consulting


Vimet Ltd remains committed to responding to the changing expectations of its customers, with originality and creativity.Our consultants provide business advice to help you start, plan, operate, manage, market, develop, position, improve and grow your business in Europe, we can satisfy the needs of our customers fast and accurate.


We assist commodity producers to locate reliable commodity buyers, trading companies and end-users in Europe, Asia and other markets. 

  • Marketing Solutions
  • Procurement Solutions
  • Risk Management
  • Brand Development

Transaction support and risk management We take on industry risks and manage counterpart performance, country risk and price risk. We help create solutions for any commodity or energy product with long-term price risk. And, with the use of derivatives, we work to develop customer solutions tailored to a company’s specific needs.

Our Vision

  • Our purpose is to enrich people's lives by providing a choice of quality products and services supported by our core values, commitment, quality, dedication, responsibility, trust, recognition and excellence .

  • For over 15 years our managers have been able to provide clients all over the world with the best possible products and solutions focusing first on their needs and concerns.

  • Our business concept identifies the following aspects of quality: Reliability, Efficiency and Performance.

  • The most important single factor in a corporate success is commitment, commitment to our colleagues, to our customers, to our partners.

  • Our brands are linked to long term value. We manufacture our products around simple concepts. They must bring practical, durable and reliable solutions to our clients, consumers and end-users. Our brands have earned excellent reputation, because they're built to fulfill specific needs.

  • Our products are designed to the highest industry standards, providing sustained value to our group. We care about the energy consumption efficiency and the environmentally friendly characteristics of our products. Components meeting the industry highest specifications are sourced and utilized in the manufacture of our products.

  • We value the trust of our clients in our products and services and we acknowledge their interest in the values and actions of the company. Our global client list grows every day in testimony to the quality and performance integrity of our products. Our product and service offering is complemented by a dedicated customer care and service.

  • We shall comply with local laws and regulations of all the markets where we do business and where our brands and services are promoted and sold.

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